Year of the Hat

by gbsmith4

For many people, 2012 is a big year for Politics.  Or maybe it’s a big year for athletics (ie. that Olympic thing…).  Or maybe it’s a big year for Tim Tebow.

For me, though, I’m proclaiming this The Year of the Hat!

Yes, I’ve been looking for something to get me jazzed for ’12, and while shopping with Nancy we stumbled upon a nice collection of headwear at Nordstrom’s.

Now I’ve always been somewhat of a hat wearer, but I never took it seriously until the past few years.  This year, though, I’m all in starting with the piece below.


Of course, mine is in black instead of that off-putting green, but the message is the same: I am now a full-force stylin’ guy.

Next up, I think, is my pick for summer wear.  I’m partial to the Breaking Bad porkpie, but I may just stick with some Fedora style.


Whatever direction I go, it’s gotta be more exciting than excruciating talk about Bain Capital!