A desert island and my Ipad

by gbsmith4

I’m beginning to think that all I really need if stranded on an island is my Ipad.  I get up in the morning and read all my newspapers on the Ipad.  If the site doesn’t have an app, it always has a website.

Check email?  Ipad.

Read twitter? Ipad

Play Word w/Friends with my daughters? Ipad

Read books?  Ipad (I will rarely even order a book now if I can’t get it electronically.)

Newest addition?  Just about all my magazines via the Zinio app on Ipad.

Last minute check of market stuff for TV (usually while I’m in the studio chair)?  Ipad.

Peruse all my favorite websites via Google Reader?  Ipad.

Catch up on TV I missed (via Netflix)?  Ipad.

And this from a person who thought the entire idea was a big zero!