Losing weight!

by gbsmith4

In general, I’m not a fan of self-help articles or columns.  They’re always so damn tedious, the tone overrides the message.

That said, here’s MY self-help column of the year.  And, of course, it’s on a subject which I have no qualifications or expertise.  That subject is weight loss.

Huh?  “You’re already thin, you Man-orxeic!”  And yes, I am.  But, I decided to drop another 5 lbs during the winter to a) get to my optimal cycling weight, and b) give me some kind of off-season challenge.  And c) yes, I know, I’m nuts.

Anyway, I’m almost at my goal, so I decided to share “my secrets.*”

1)  I stopped eating all sweets.  (Well, except for one piece of toffee each night. )  Now, don’t get my wrong, I’m as weak as the next guy and used to LOVE having a piece of cake or cookies with milk every single night at bedtime.  And I still would….if we had them in the house.  But, I decided we’d stop picking them at when supermarket shopping, so they’re simply not an option because they’re not around.

2) Substitute good for bad.  But, I have to have something at bedtime, so I substituted a bowl of grapefruit.  For me, that’s not like substituting tofu for a burger.  I LIKE grapefruit, so it was a no brainer.  (But, I also put my one piece of toffee on the side.)

3.  Eat slowly.  I know, you’ve read this before, but it works.  I eat just a little slower (but still, admittedly faster than almost everyone else.)  As a result, I feel fuller more quickly.  And then I eat less when I go back for seconds.

4.  One big salad a week for dinner.  Another no brainer. I like salads.  Never thought of them as a meal until recently, but why not?

5.  No french fries, few potatoes.  I must have some Irish in me because I love potatoes of every stripe and color.  So, this was hard, but I just asked Nancy to cut them out and instead — yuck — substitute vegetables.  Or at least some veggies (oh, how I hate that nickname), I can stand.  Spinach, broccoli, and asparagus make the list.  I draw the line at cauliflower and beets, however.

6.  Half a beer.  I would never call myself a big beer drinker.  In fact, I get sick on more than 2 beers.  But, I would call myself a regular beer drinker.  Probably about 1 beer a day.  But, now instead of pouring myself an entire beer, I just pour a half glass (we have a beertender, which makes it easy).  Same taste, half the calories.

7.  A jar of nuts.  I snack throughout the day from a jar of almonds we have on the kitchen counter.  I grab a small handful whenever I’m hungry.  Helps stave off giant cravings later on.

8.  I still eat crap.  I’m not a monk, for crying out loud.  I’ll still eat a burger, pizza, etc.  I just try not to gorge myself.  So, instead of 2 burgers for dinner, I’ll start with one, eat it just a little more slowly than a rabid dog, then go back for another HALF burger.

9.  I still eat crap, II.  When I’m coming back from a bike race, I always stop at McDonald’s.  It’s a vice.  But, I let my thrifty side show by ordering off the $1 menu: 2 burgers, 1 small fries.  Saves me money and calories.

And that’s it.  That’s all I’ve done.  Sure, I could do better.  But, for now that’s plenty.


* The real science is here, btw:  http://www.menshealth.com/weight-loss/truth-about-calories