You could have predicted this…

by gbsmith4

About 5 weeks ago, Nancy and I had a nasty incident at the local dog park.   (Actually, I was the real culprit.)

In any event, I decided to rectify things by dutifully sending off dog license applications to Montgomery County.  5 weeks later I’m still waiting for a reply, and finally decided to call.

After 3 attempts, I did get someone on the phone who informed me I’d be hearing back…in another week or so.  He said that response time is normal given the volume of mail they get.

So basically, a simple transaction — which, btw, could all be handled online in about 30 seconds — takes 2 MONTHS for the government to handle.  Criminal.

Again, and I don’t want to beat a dead horse, this is the exact reason why having the government take your money and spend it as they wish, is simply idiotic.  It’s not that they sometimes don’t provide a needed service.  Rather they provide it so inefficiently, it’s just a pathetic waste of time and money!