by gbsmith4

Every year a neighbor of ours hosts a large company/holiday party.  So large, there’s valet parking, with cars parked a quarter mile away.

Now being that we live next door to this fellow, our driveway is a convenient place to park if you don’t want to wait, post-party, for the valet to get your car.

So, for the few people we know attending the party, we have no trouble having them use our driveway.  In all cases, though, they’ve phoned or emailed ahead of time to make sure it’s okay.

This year, however, I came home to find one of our friends pulling in to our driveway ready to walk the short distance next door.  I had not spoken to him in months.

He looked kind of sheepish when he got out of his car and asked if he could park there.  I said, “of course,” wished he and his wife well, and bid them good night.

But, the whole thing struck me as odd.  Even kind of rude.  Again, I have zero problem with him parking outside our front door.  But, if it was me, I know I’d always ask ahead of time, even if the give-and-take is perfunctory.

But, maybe I’m just overreacting…..