K-cup goofiness

by gbsmith4

Of all the products that have taken hold of our consciousness, none seems sillier than this K-cup coffee craze.

I understand the convenience, but are people so lazy they can’t brew a simple cup of coffee?  Add to that the expense: by my estimates the coffee runs about 25 cents per cup.  I figure our home brew is less than half that.  Plus, we don’t have all that waste to deal with.

As for quality, I’ve tried a variety of different K-cup flavors, and nothing comes close to what we can whip up at home.  (the secret is in the hot water, which almost no coffee maker ever get right.)

Instead, save yourself money and improve your coffee flavor by doing what we do:

Step 1: Buy a Technivorm Moccamaster.  Simply the best coffee maker on the planet.

Step 2: Buy a burr grinder.

Step 3: Use filtered water

Step 4: Buy decent coffee and grind your beans fresh each morning.  (BTW, you can even get away with stuff like 8 o’clock coffee.  Starbucks, Peets, etc are good, but the store brands work just fine.)

Step 5: Enjoy.

See, now you have better, cheaper coffee that maybe cost you an extra 60 seconds to make.