What happened to Classy?

by gbsmith4

I received an email the other day from the fellow whom I displaced as “King of the Mountain” on one of my recent rides.  Totally unexpected, not even necessary, but classy.

And I realized how little of that kind of class I see these days.  Another example?  An eternity ago (pre-marriage!), I was out on a date at a fancy restaurant.  A few minutes after we sat down, a waiter delivered a nice bottle of wine.  A good friend had arranged for it to be delivered to the table, knowing it was a special event.

Classy and I never forgot it.

So, sure we all act nice and are often very kind to our friends.  I think of “classy,” though, as one step beyond.  And that one step is something we rarely see.

So, yeah, Class.  I’m going to focus on that a bit more.