Dealing with Pain

by gbsmith4

I’ve been thinking a lot about pain lately, and how much we try to avoid it.  That’s unfortunate, because the willingness to go through a bit of pain, often leads to great rewards.

Of course, this is true in most endurance sports (ie., but also when it comes to trading.  Right now is certainly a painful time in the market, but my feeling is that if you’re willing to endure some stress (buy now and buy MORE if the market continues its selloff), you’ll be more than rewarded later.  But first, you have to be willing to go through a some stomach churning.

Pain is also on my mind with regards to what the Super Committee is doing.  Or not doing.  Even at best, they only want to skim around the surface, never even approaching the truly hard issues.  And, by the way, those hard issues aren’t just about spending and revenue, but rather about the entire role of government.

But, no one in government wants to deal with the pain because everyone wants to get reelected.  So, they talk a good game but really just punt, hoping the “next guy” will handle things.

Too bad, because the real pain will eventually come, and at that point it’ll be tough for anyone to handle.