Give the Government more money? Baffling.

by gbsmith4

I’ve been keeping my eye on what the Super Committee comes up with, but I’m not encouraged.  If anything gets done, I think we’ll see minor cost cutting, while taxes will rise.

Both have me concerned, but particularly the tax part.  When you step back, I can think of few organizations that are as bloated, inefficient, fraud-ridden, and dysfunctional as the Federal Government.  Examples pop up every day, from Solyndra to the $10b (BILLION!) overrun for Boston’s Big Dig.

Details on just how truly terrible the government is at spending OUR money can be followed at @DownsizeTheFeds and

Of course, inefficiency and bloat happens in both public and private organizations.  The difference is that private organizations go out of business if they get too fat.  The government?  It just grows fatter.

So, this isn’t a class warfare argument or even a libertarian argument.  Instead, it’s a “doesn’t make sense argument”: why give MORE money to a government that is so inept at spending what it already takes in?

But, I’m betting that’s how things will turn out.