My people skills must suck.

by gbsmith4

I guess this isn’t my month for people interaction.  First my d*ckhead experience, then my no-wave ride  I guess we can now add my dog park experience:

Yesterday, we decided to take our 3 dogs to a neat dog park Nancy had found.  It’s not far from the house, pretty big, and on a nice day, packed with dogs.  When we don’t feel like walking them, it’s a good place for them to get an hours worth of exercise.

Well, I was minding my own business, when a woman came running up to me,  and asked, “Is THAT your poodle?”  I nodded, which brought on a rant about picking up my dog’s poop.  I wasn’t nuts about the attitude, but I said, “okay, show me where he did it.”  Well, that brought on a sermon about watching my dogs, having a permit, etc, etc.

Now, I will say that, yes, we didn’t have a dog permit to be in the park.  But, neither did 95% of the other dogs there.  Still: guilty.

And, I also did give her some attitude because she was one of these people that can charitably be called a “dog park nazi.”  I’m sure you’ve seen them and they pop up everywhere: the cyclist on the group ride who’s always yelling at you to keep up the speed, or stay in the pace line, or some other idiotic “infraction.”  Or the self-appointed policeman who’s telling your kids to be quiet in a restaurant.  Or, the guy on the golf course, who’s yelling at you to “pick up the pace.”

With those people, it’s not so much the request, but rather their attitude: they always come across as people with way too much time on their hands.

Anyway, the dog park Nazi ended up calling the DC Park Police, and I had to get some sermon on being a bad pet owner.  Kind of ruined the whole outing.

But, I’m going to get a permit and am going back to that park.  Hope my dogs poop all over the place.