New car blues

by gbsmith4

Well, we finally did it: broke down and bought Nancy a new car.  Trust me, it was hard to see her 10 year old hunk of metal go, but that’s exactly what it became after a slip/slide, multiple guard-rail hitting, 360 spin (thank you freak November storm) pretty much put it on its deathbed.  Don’t worry, she was fine; the car was totaled.  Or, at least “totaled” in the insurance sense, where cost of repairs > replacement cost.  Anyway, we got a check from the insurance company and off we went to look for some new wheels.

Now having done this a few times — I think I’m on car #17 — I’ve come to really hate the car buying process.  First, I’m long past getting really jazzed over a new car.  Second, the whole payment process is worse than taking the SATs.  You get hauled before the finance guy and have to endure the entire 30 minute paper-signing ritual because this is the last part of society that hasn’t heard of that whole “online” thing.

But worst of anything is once you get past the looks of the car, actually operating it is like learning Microsoft Excel all over again.

I mean, seriously, operating a car these days requires some advanced degree in computer engineering.  Forget just starting the car.  That’s hard enough with all the buttons and special “starting checklist” you need.  No, I’m at the point where I can’t even figure out how to set the radio channels.  And navigation?  The navigation manual for one car was nearly 100 pages.

I don’t mean to go “old codger” but I really miss the days where you just got in a car and drove it.  Of course, I got lost a lot, and just having AM radio would suck, so I do like the new car features.

But, I’d like them better if I didn’t have to spend months learning how to use them.