by gbsmith4

For the past few months, I’ve been logging all my rides (on my bike, not in my car!) on  Along with twitter, I suppose it’s the only “social networking” app I use on a regular basis.

I love it because I can see exactly how I match up against everyone else on a variety of the routes I take.  And, if most other people are like me, they pick a specific route and try to achieve the best time.  There’s even a way to segment by age or weight so at least you’re competing against your peers.

I guess the bottom line is that it motivates me to get out there and ride even on days I don’t really feel like it.

This got me thinking that I wish there was something like this for trading.  I’m not talking about mutual funds or even hedge funds, but some ranking of individual traders.  Like Strava, I’d break it down, (I guess by assets managed), and then show weekly, monthly and ytd returns.

I definitely wouldn’t count those silly TV contests where you can just go nuts picking any stock and not worry about the outcome because there’s no money involved.

No, there’d definitely have to be some skin in the game, and it’d be neat to see how everyone else was doing.

Of course, there’d be no way to verify if folks were telling the truth, and because of that, I’m certain many would severely puff up their numbers, if not totally fabricate the results.

Still, it’d be a neat idea.