One great day

by gbsmith4

I always groan a little when I read about some Dad — and it’s always a Dad — go on and and on about how his son/daughter shined in the latest baseball game/soccer match/swim meet, and how proud he was.

Seriously, the sappiness is usually cavity-inducing and I cringe at how vicariously many parents live through their kids.

I cringe, of course, because I was — and still am, to be honest — one of those parents.  So, it’s with a big ” Watch Out: indulgent, saccharine story ahead” I write this post.

You see, I had the great thrill of watching my daughter row this week in a big event.  Of course, I’ve seen my daughter row many times in big events —  U.S. Nationals, the Stotesbury Regatta, etc. — so it’s not really THAT big of a deal.

It was also a thrill to watch Nancy row in a big event, although I’ve seen that before also.

What made it special, though — and here you need to get out the toothpaste — was that I had the pleasure of watching them row together in what I think is the World Series of rowing, the Head of the Charles.

In fact, they combined for a Parent-Child 2x and it was pretty much my best day on the water.  Or at least watching the water.

They didn’t fare particularly well (too many Type A teams where the 40 year old Dad teams with the 21 year old Olympian son.), but they didn’t finish last.

Past the Cambridge Boat House. Decent crowd for 5pm.


But, who cares.  How often do you get to see your wife and daughter do any athletic event together?  Yeah, never.

Post-race. All smiles. Good stuff.

So, yes, it was pretty much one great day.  And yes, it meant a lot to me.  And yes, it’s all so sickeningly sweet it has me groaning inside.

But, I hope it happens again next year.