My hardest workout

by gbsmith4

Whenever I look at my workout schedule — and yes, I’m anal enough to have every day scheduled, even if it just says “rest” — I mentally go through and note which days are going to be hard and which days are easy.  Coach Dean ( does a fantastic job of mixing it up for me, so I pretty much have the right blend of on and off days.

So, I’m always surprised when I think a particular day will be easy and it turns out to be hard.  In this case, super hard.

Here’s the day, so tell me what you think:

20 min warmup

8x :15@100%/:15 off

20 min cooldown.

Innocuous, right?  I mean, there’s only 4 minutes of total work.  And of that, there’s only 2 minutes of actual effort!

The problem is that 100% part.  I mean if you’re really, REALLY going at it, you’re tearing down the road.  (or in my case, up a hill.)  Of course, it’s only 15 seconds, but then you’re back at 7 more times with almost zero chance to recover.

But, try it.  I did this past Saturday, and struggled the rest of the day with that “all out” effort hack you get when you’ve made a serious attempt at killing yourself.  (If you’ve never experienced that hack, sorry: you’ve never given 100% effort.)

Yes, 4 minutes.  I always laughed off ANY workout that lasted that long.  Never again.