The coddling of our kids.

by gbsmith4

I just ran an errand this morning that had me passing a number of school bus stops.  There’s a slight drizzle coming down, but otherwise the weather is fine: about the mid-60s, with no wind.

And yet, at stop after stop, I saw 3 to 5 cars parked there — kids all warm and cozy inside — waiting for the bus to come.   In fact, at not one stop did I see any kid waiting outside in the rain!

Now, if you grew up like I did, I’m sure your school day experience was the same: you got up on your own, fixed your breakfast, and walked to the bus stop.  Rain, shine, sleet, snow, you hiked there and waited.  It was unthinkable for someone to be driven in their car and wait inside, and if they had been, I’m sure he/she would have been tagged with the ultimate insult: wuss!

And, it’s not like I grew up in Southern California.  No, I was an eastern Pennsylvania boy with same crappy winter weather most of the east coast gets.

Anyway, my bigger point is that I never saw anyone complain, or say that life was unfair.  No one was going to hold your hand, so you just got on with it, doing what you had to do to get to school.

I hope that thinking is going on today, but maybe we really are living in the age of “take care of me because I’m too coddled to do it on my own.”  Maybe — gasp! — us parents are even the root of it.