So predictable.

by gbsmith4

I turned on the Republican debate last night…and lasted all of 5 minutes.  My problem: before the candidates even speak I know what they’re going to say.

Of course, it’s the same for me on the other side of the fence: Paul Krugman hasn’t written anything original in about 15 years.  I can write Ezra Klein’s Washington Post columns before even he writes them.  The New York Times editorials have been the same since the Nixon administration.

Furthermore, I already know the Obama ’12 message: Congress blocked me from doing more.  We’d be worse off if I hadn’t intervened.  Millionaires/Billionaires need to pay their fair share.  Etc. Etc.

My problem, though, is not the predictability of everyone’s platform, but the fact that neither side will ever — seemingly — get together.  (I’m not arguing they should, btw.  Who, in their right mind would want to make a deal with a MAD MAN??)

We’re therefore locked in this kind of eternal “he said, she said” battle, which is getting tiresome.

What’s it all mean?  I can kind of see the attraction of just going “off the grid” just to get away from all this predictable hectoring.*  Wonder if I’m alone??

* I take full responsibility, at times, for contributing to the hectoring!