See, I was right!

by gbsmith4

Is it just me, or are we leaving in the age of the big ego?  I say that because Twitter gives one a pretty good snapshot of how people have this driving need to “be right.”

Now maybe it’s part of the financial industry job requirement, but I can’t tell you how many times when the market goes up, some perma-bull will yell, “See, I TOLD you it would go up.”  Or the perma-bear will tweet, “Hmmm, market selling off…just like I said!”

I mean, my God: is there anything more annoying than the ubiquitous “I told you so.”?  Are folks so needy they have to constantly raise their hands to be noticed?

And it’s not just in the financial sector.  I noticed Simon Cowell absolutely giddy one of his longshot picks did well in X-Factor “boot camp.”  A recent Ironman winner spent an entire book gloating about his wonderful philosophy. (while tearing down others’ approaches.)  Steve Jobs — R.I.P. — pretty much built an entire career showing others they were wrong and he was right.  (and thankfully….)

Anyway, maybe it’s part of our genetic makeup, right along with the need for food and water.

Still, it’d be nice sometimes if when someone was right, they’d be quiet about it and let others appreciate — or ignore! — their wonderful genius.