Occupy Wall Street…but how?

by gbsmith4

Apparently, the occupywallstret (OWS) “resistance” is growing.  Of course, that may be spin by the liberal media, but I’ll assume it’s real.

That leaves me with trying to figure out what, and more importantly “how” they’re going to accomplish their mission.

Now if I get it right, their mission is to “no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.”  So, basically they’re against the super-wealthy and — I suppose — the super powerful.

Given that, I’m wondering how exactly they’ll combat the greed they identify.  Of course, they’ll first have to identify “greed” and to that I guess you have to put together a subjective assessment of what constitues “too much.”  Is $100K per year too much?  $1M?  $100M?

I’m certain they view the folks at companies like Goldman Sachs as greedy, but what about the Google guys?  How about Steve Jobs?

The Director of Cardiology at Mt.  Sinai pulls in about $3M a year.  Too much, or too little?  Maybe too little, as Tom Brady is guaranteed $12M/yr. for throwing a football.

It does seem like a tall task for OWS to judge what greed is, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

They also seem to rail against student debt and homeowners being underwater.  Yes, I suppose student debt can be a problem, but do we just wipe it away?  And if so, where does that leave the students who worked multiple jobs to pay their way through college?  (or parents who paid for college out their savings.) Guess they get the raw end of the deal.

As for the underwater mortgages, I can also sympathize and if I’m guessing correctly, OWS blames this on the banks.

But, again, what’s the solution?  Do the banks just say “forget it” and wipe away everyone’s mortgage?  Does the government absorb more debt and clean the slate?

Finally, OWS can’t tolerate corruption.  Agreed, who can?  But, that’s where the legal system has at least some input.  Or is OWS saying that’s broken also?

Look, I can understand the frustration.  Having a daughter who graduated from college a year ago, and who has so far achieved the career of “waitress,” I get it.

But, complaining is one thing.  Having a plan to fix things is another.  And apart from saying everyone should make “X” (no more, no less) regardless of what you do and how hard you work, I’m having trouble figuring out OWS’s next step.