The future of social networking

by gbsmith4

A funny thing happened to me recently: I ignored Twitter for a few hours.   Now for many, that’s no big deal, but I love twitter and check it constantly.

So, when I skipped it for a few hours, I started thinking about “why.”  And the answer was the same reason I stopped using Facebook: I started to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of posts.  Even worse, I stopped caring about posts I’d normally be interested in.

But no matter how I view it, one thing is for certain: I’m becoming burned out on Twitter.

Of course, I never feel I’m alone and if I feel burned out, I’m confident others will feel, or already feel the same way.  Maybe not my 20 year old daughters (just yet), but I think the older one gets the more the “social buzz” becomes one big pain the rear.  You get to the point where you crave quiet not noise.

If my thesis is right, the future of companies like Facebook isn’t bright and their IPO (as well as other companies in the social networking “space”) may be something to avoid.