Catch the little things

by gbsmith4

Way back in my formative years (OMG: over 30 years ago!), when I first started at IBM, they used to bring top executives to Sales School to give us some pointers.  (Sadly, IBM doesn’t even have “Sales School” any longer, and I think is poorer because of it.)

Anyway, George Conrades was the speaker that day and said something that’s stuck with me ever since: catch the little things.  By that he meant that all during the day, little ideas, thoughts, and notions pop up that can really be beneficial…but that we often forget about later on.  He recommended to stop and write down those thoughts so you could act on them later.

I think about this often, as I have trading ideas come to me in an almost constant stream: “Costco sure is crowded, maybe I should look at their stock”; everyone hates the dollar, so now might be the time to BUY the dollar”; IBM sure is doing neat things these days.  Wonder if the stock is acting well?”

In fact, it’s from some of these random thoughts I get my best and most profitable trading ideas.   My guess is you have the same “stream of consciousness” flowing through you also.  The key is to tune in, and “catch the little things.”

So, thanks, George.  Hope you’re well.