You don’t need “expert analysis”

by gbsmith4

Testing the Durability of Zynga’s Business

You probably don’t need a thorough review of Zynga to judge its future success.  Just look at your own usage: are you using their apps more or less lately?  I only use their free Words w/Friends app and I know I’m using it a lot less over the past few months.  Like most things new, the novelty has worn off.   That would certainly keep me from being a buyer of any Zynga IPO.

In fact, when it comes to long term investing, your own usage — or lack thereof — is usually a good sign to ditch that stock.  As an example, say you bought RIMM when you started using a Blackberry.  But then in 2009,  switched out your Blackberry for an Iphone.  At that point, I’d have also sold my RIMM.

Believe me, when you stop using a product is usually the reverse of when you start using it: you’re rarely alone.