Square pegs

by gbsmith4

I guess if I had to come up with an overriding philosophy for my life, it’d have to be a take-off on “square pegs into round holes.”  My riff?  I search for “square pegs into square holes.”  Or more to the point, I try to figure out what I’m good at,  and then apply my efforts in that area.  In fact, I gave up a long time ago figuring out areas to pursue and then trying to get good at those areas.

As an example, I’m never going to be a great investor: too temperamental to wait around for long term gains.

I’m never going to be a great time trialist: 99% of the great ones are fairly big guys.  I’m just a touch over 5’9, weighing in at 152.

I’m never going to host my own TV show: sorry, not good-looking enough and probably too lazy to do all the homework.

I’m never going to see the world: hate to travel.

What am I good at?  I’m pretty good at catching small waves in the market, so I try to maximize that by being a fairly short term trader.

I have a pretty good power-to-weight ratio on my bike.  Especially going uphill.  So, I’ve gotten into hill-climbing.

And, I love being a homebody.  So, our “vacations” primarily consist of day trips to bike races and regattas.

My advice, then?  Explore a lot of areas of interest, for sure.  But, with the things that really matter, figure out your areas of strength and then spend a lot of time playing to them.