1000% gainers

by gbsmith4

Okay, here it is.  The only way I know to score huge gains in the market.  And no, this is not hocum or BS.  It’s the real thing.

Step 1: at the end of each day, go through minute by minute and identify EVERY product or service you used for the first time ever.

Step 2: from that list, identify every one of those products/services you then used a second time.

Step 3: If that product or service is publicly traded, buy stock in that company.

Step 4: Sell when stock is up 1000%.

I know, ridiculous right?  But, think about it.  What if you had bought Apple the first time you bought an Ipod (and the second time you used itunes)?  Or the second time you had a Starbucks.  Or the second time you used your AMEX card.

From that list, here are some of the 1000% gainers:


Now, not EVERY stock is a 10 bagger.  MA is up only 653% since inception (and the first time you could buy it.)  SWY is flat since I started shopping there.  HMC is up about 30% since I leased my second Honda for my girls

But, even if you have a few losers, they are more than made up for by the huge winners throughout your portfolio.

The trick, though, is to keep an eye on your own spending habits.  Invariably you’re attracted to the same products/services most everyone else is.

Remember, you only have to bring to the table a diary and patience.   Beyond that, just let the market do its work.