Rest week

by gbsmith4

With my race season over (and just saying that makes me sound so much better than my actual results…), it’s time for a little rest.  Don’t know about you, but my rest week is really what other’s view as vacation.  Here’s what I do…and don’t do.


— Take a nap every day.  Of course, I take a nap every day even when it’s not rest week, so sometimes I take TWO naps a day!  (it takes me a day or so to really wind down, but by Tuesday, I’m really logging the sleep hours.)

— Stay up a bit later than normal.  My gosh, I’ll even stay up to 10PM some nights.

— Plan next year’s race season.   It all changes a lot in the next few months, but it gives me something cycling-related to do.

— Ride with my wife.  I know, it sounds like she’s some slow poke.  But, as an elite Masters rower, she’s anything but.  So, I have tell her ahead of time we’re going REALLY slow.

—  Watch my diet.  I give myself 2 days to really pig out.  Then it’s back to normal.   (trust me, I’m no lunatic, though. I’ll still have about 4 beers a week and some snacks along the way.  Not a lot, though…)  But, if I didn’t watch, I’d instantly gain 10lbs.  And at 53, that’s almost impossible to lose.

— Plan my TV watching.  I’ll admit it: I love TV.  Love the fall TV season.  So, early on, we sample a lot of shows.  Then end up watching most of what we’ve been watching for years.


— Sleep late.  I still get up about 6am, even on weekends.  I’d actually sleep a bit later, but the dogs haven’t learned to go outside by themselves.

— Ride hard.  I’ll have enough of that come October and on.

I know. Nothing really that revolutionary. Of course, just taking a week off from anything these days is revolutionary for just about all of us.

But, we don’t really take vacation, so this is as close as I get.  Works for me, though.