Deep Blue TT

by gbsmith4

I didn’t realize it until just now, but the name “Deep Blue” often signifies how I feel after that race.

In this case, the time trial should have been perfect for me: an out/back 12 mile course with one standard hill to overcome.  No biggie.

But, when I looked at my start time, I noticed most of the field was going off nearly an hour ahead of me (to accomodate folks doing 2 events.)  That annoyed me, because conditions can change dramatically in an hour.   In fact, in every previous iteration of this event, the top 5 guys invariably come from the early group.   Why?  Because both the wind and the heat pick up later and those are both killers for cycling.

But, I muddled on and if I look at the guys 50+… who went off near my time…(and are right-handed, with 3 dogs, a wife named Nancy, and live in 20817), well, I finished 3rd!

Yeah, I know: pathetic the things we do to get us through the day….