Total Narcissism

by gbsmith4

Fitting, I suppose, that I’m starting my blog on 9/1/11.  I mean that’s a date many consider to be a start to the year: fall is here; the school year starts, and the tail end of the trading year commences.

Fitting, I also suppose, because any blog is an exercise in narcissism.   Seriously is our self-esteem that low that we need to scream “look at me!”  Ugh: I guess mine is.

But, more appropriately, I kind of miss writing.   (or maybe I just miss “paid” writing.)  And I have plenty to share.  Or, at least, to unload.

In any event, I can’t promise that any of this will be helpful.  It will, however, be — forgive the cliche — interesting.

So, leave a comment if you’d like.  (assuming I’ve figured out that feature.)  All thoughts are welcome.  Well, all NICE thoughts are welcome….